Breaking Bread with: Sonya Gellert

17 May 2021

Having forced her food-loving friends to sit down and answer her quick-fire questions, it’s only fair that Spaghetti Head’s very own Sonya Gellert does the same. Here’s what’s on her mind and in her mouth right now.

Your go-to snack:

Popcorn (It’s basically air so you can eat loads of it. Science.)

Your ultimate comfort dish(es):

Potato dauphinoise, lemony greens and tiramisu. Preferably all at once.

Your least favourite food-related word:

Unctuous (snap, Mel Leong!) 

Your favourite food-related word:


The cook(s) who inspire you most:

My mum and my husband, who both make incredibly ambitious plant-based dishes on a daily basis, alongside Hetty Mckinnon and Anna Jones.

Something you’ll never eat:

I’m no fortune teller, but I’m anaphylactic allergic to seafood, so let’s hope I don’t eat prawns anytime soon (NB: to my assassins, please don’t read this). 

What’s for dinner tonight?

My neighbour just popped over with a home-grown pumpkin, so you’d better believe there’ll be soup for days.