Banishing the blank page

10 January 2022

Are you suffering from a nasty case of the dreaded Writer’s Block? Hold up. Before you write anything, give yourself time out to think about the subject matter at hand. Even five minutes will make all the difference. Get those cogwheels turning and allow yourself a moment to put your writer’s hat on (straw hat, beret, fedora – you do you, boo).  

Unless you live in Tropical North Queensland where crocs lurk at every turn, few things are more intimidating that a blank page.

If a blinking curser on a fresh document is getting the better of you, throw down some key words on the canvas before you start writing any full sentences.

Here’s an easy exercise to get you into the writing zone:

Take an everyday object.

Let’s imagine you choose a humble peach.

To awaken your writer’s brain and lift the Writer’s Block, jot down the first things that come to mind when you think about this object – without judgement. It’s okay if you’re pulling out timeworn clichés at this stage.

You might think of… James and the Giant Peach, the phrase ‘peachy keen’, adjectives like ‘ripe’ and ‘juicy’, the peach emoji (and rounded derrieres), peach recipes, seasonal eating, summer, that scene in Call Me By Your Name, the nutritional value of peaches, peach trees, farming.

By gathering together ideas relating to your subject matter, your imagination begins to open and ideas are released into the wilds of your mind. This is where the magic of writing begins to take place. Start to throw down phrases and sentences as they appear. You can always kill your darlings later.

Blank page and Writer’s Block, be gone.