Food for thought

A side of hot tips: choosing stronger verbs

When it comes to making memorable statements, the verbs (those fun little words that make the action happen) we choose can significantly change the point we want to make.

A side of hot tips: read the room

Just as you likely wouldn’t tell your grandfather the detailed ins-and-outs of your love life (pun intended), you probably wouldn’t drop a bunch of your saltiest swear words into the copy you’d write for a conservative client. Unless, of course, dirty language has been requested in the brief, in which case – %*&$ yeh!

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A side of hot tips: kiss clichés goodbye

Though easy and tempting to sprinkle throughout your writing (but oh-so lazy too), the consistent use of worn-out clichés is a recipe for boring your reader and yourself.

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A side of hot tips: is everyone at the table?

Those who’ve been excluded from enacting a Spice Girls routine simply because they’re the sixth member of a friendship circle and there’s only one Ginger, Scary, Sporty, Baby and Posh spot to fill and they don’t resemble any of the original line-up, will understand why inclusivity is important.

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