How may Spaghetti Head help you?


Be it fresh SEO-friendly copy for your website, engaging calls-to-action for video content, enticing wording for your restaurant menu, winning press release prose, snappy marketing collateral, in-room messages to your hotel guests, flavour profile and spec sheets for food and drink products, eye-catching product packaging, cliché-free eDM communications, or writing out your mum’s birthday card (shame on you), Spaghetti Head is here, pen in hand, ready to help. She might be pernickety, but Spaghetti head insists on hitting the right tone and style, in keeping with your brand’s end goals, with every word she writes. 


From structural editing and re-writes, to proofreading and fact-checking, Spaghetti Head will ensure your copy is polished, grammatically flawless, credible, engaging and perfectly tailored to your guests’, customers’ or readers’ needs.


Having edited recipes for glossy national magazines, supermarkets and small businesses, Spaghetti Head has developed an analytical eye for ensuring your recipes are reader-friendly and, importantly, accurate. Allow Spaghetti Head to ensure your grams aren’t kilos, your sugars aren’t salts and your method is in good, working order (to prevent cantankerous customers calling in about sunken sponge cakes and failed frangipanes).


Running out of ideas for your social media captions (‘Happy Monday again, guys, LOL!’)? Let Spaghetti Head swan in with a good measure of inspiration and wit to reinvigorate your account with the right words to pique your followers’ interests. Spaghetti Head can help you work on a strategy to ensure your socials are sorted ahead of time – leaving you extra hours to run your business/ scroll through your phone/ stare into the fridge/ choose your own adventure. 


If you’re unsure about what a ‘tone of voice’ (TOV) is, please stop everything and contact Spaghetti Head immediately because you’ve found yourself in a real-life branding emergency. Okay, that’s a little dramatic – but fussy editors tend to be that way. An inconsistent TOV confuses your customers, while a strong TOV ensures your brand is identifiable among its competitors. Spaghetti Head can help you hone your TOV and provide a guide to keeping it consistent – and, in case of emergency, explain exactly what this all means.


At the risk of sounding shallower than a Champagne coupe, style matters. Whether you’re writing social media captions, blog posts, marketing collateral, or even emails to your customers, having a refined style guide on hand means you and your team will never put a capital letter, hyphen or tagline out of place. Spaghetti Head can work with you to develop a style guide to suit your business’s language usage – be it sweary, sophisticated or sociable.


Allow Spaghetti Head to train up your team – whether that’s a team of one or team of two hundred – on how to apply your TOV and style to the words they write on behalf of your brand. Questions are welcomed in these workshops, as are copious refreshments. Spaghetti Head can also provide team guidance on the basic ‘dos’ and do-not-dos’ of writing copy for a specific audience and provide cheat sheets to keep handy.


Spaghetti Head enjoys a good product-naming project – from branding supermarket products to christening menu items or even naming your winery’s resident dog (for the record, she thinks ‘Ethyl’ is an appropriate choice). Spaghetti Head takes a deep-dive into SEO-friendly key words, conducts a competitor review and has a heart-to-heart about your company’s story to formulate a choice of effective names for you to consider.


Okay, now she’s just being greedy. But she does prefer to sample food and drink products before writing about them. It’s called dedication to your job – look it up.