Meet Sonya Gellert: the writer, editor and certified snacking professional behind Spaghetti Head Services. 

As a former travel editor, restaurant reviewer, editorial food and drink writer, copywriter, recipe editor and life-long glutton, Sonya has become fluent in the language of life’s greatest pleasures (namely, eating, drinking and travelling).

When her head isn’t buried in a book or deep bowl of noodles, Sonya is likely pestering chefs for their secret recipes, beach-hopping, chasing the scent of freshly brewed coffee or starting yet another fermentation experiment that spans far beyond her skill set and kitchen’s capacity. 

Who has Spaghetti Head worked with?

From beekeepers to oyster shuckers, and from vegan chefs to boutique hoteliers, Spaghetti Head has produced copy for a tempting buffet of food producers, publications and travel-loving clients over the past ten years.

As the founding Travel Editor of delicious. magazine, a copy and recipe editor for Donna Hay, a go-to wordsmith for Rachel Khoo and an in-house copywriter for content agencies in London, Sydney and Brisbane, Spaghetti Head has built a career on eating her way around the world and writing about her experiences (someone had to do it, so she valiantly volunteered to take on this thankless task).

Her editorial work has included writing in-depth stories, copy and restaurant reviews for Table Magazine UK, Virgin Australia, Escape magazine, delicious. magazine Australia, Donna Hay Magazine, The Courier-Mail, Khoollect UK, Nourish Magazine, Peppermint Magazine, Vogue Living, Broadsheet, Audrey Daybook, Huffington Post, The Weekend Edition and multiple publications for Hardie Grant Media. Her copywriting clients include vEEF Australia, Fenn Foods, Bee One Third, Shuck It, The Eatery and a collection of restaurants, bars and hotel groups. 

What are Spaghetti Head’s qualifications?

The curly mop-top behind Spaghetti Head offers more than just a hat rack. She has a Master of Arts in Writing, Editing and Publishing from the University of Queensland and a Bachelor of Arts in Languages and Applied Linguistics from Griffith University. She’s also completed a ‘Writing about Food’ course at The Guardian, London.

Friends of spaghetti head

Spaghetti Head’s branding and design was served up by the offensively talented and mind-reading design mystic Anya Lange of SPRBLM, her website was built by the enviably skilled Lee Wallis, and her photographer of choice is forever and always the preposterously clever and calm-inducing Jess Kearney of Fontaine Photo.