Food for thought

Breaking Bread with: Hayden Quinn

Well known for his laid-back outlook, down-to-earth approach to cooking and panache for recipe writing, TV host, intrepid traveller, former MasterChef contestant and waggish individual Hayden Quinn…

Breaking Bread with: Sonya Gellert

Having forced her food-loving friends to sit down and answer her quick-fire questions, it’s only fair that Spaghetti Head’s very own Sonya Gellert does the same. Here’s what’s on her mind and in her mouth right now.

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Breaking Bread with: Alissa Timoshkina

Cookbook author, mother, Russian food aficionado and podcast presenter, Alissa Timoshkina is an ever-shining star in the UK food industry. While Spaghetti Head was living in London, she heard whispers on the streets of a woman running an underground supper and film club. The woman garnering notoriety for her incredible film-themed dinners was Alissa Timoshkina,…

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Breaking Bread with: Lara Messer

Meet award-winning bean-to-bar chocolate maker, proud Glaswegian and brilliantly clever chameleon, Lara Messer. When Spaghetti Head first met Lara Messer, this Scottish doyenne was well on her way to becoming one of the UK’s best-known food photographers (and accidental stylists). Lara is one of these (annoyingly) intelligent people who can master just about any new…

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Breaking Bread with: Melissa Leong

Enviably talented writer, TV presenter and all-round top-notch human Mel Leong is making use of her recently elevated platform as a MasterChef judge for good. From educating eager cooks on how to reduce food waste at home, to encouraging Australians to become…

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